We released beta7 last night. I think Sean scared people off by saying that this is the first of the betas to actually be of "beta" quality. Still, there have been about 15 thousand downloads of it so far, and very few bug reports. My colleagues deserve the credit for this, working very long and very hard to get as many of the bugs squashed as they could in the last week or so.

One interesting thing that I note afresh today, as I have in the past, is the "interesting" phenomena in which a user will think that multiple repeated requests will change the answer. One user responded to a series of questions in his ticket (#414) with simple repeated assertions that he dislikes the change to use only status icons. When I closed his ticket, he responded by opening five or ten new, entirely duplicate tickets. Another user, this time in #pidgin on irc.freenode.net, tried asking the same question in three or four different ways across an hour or two, hoping to find a different answer.

Still, overall it has been very quiet, which makes me happy. I hope, but do not expect, that the final release (hopefully later this week) will go as smoothly.

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